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"I am deeply troubled by the emerging details and recognize the courage it takes to come forward with information about personally traumatic events," President Lou Anna Simon said Wednesday.

Besides the new criminal cases, Nassar faces charges in two cases that were filed in 2016 and are unrelated to his work as a doctor.

As a member of ECPAT International, ECPAT-USA belongs to a network of organizations in 88 countries all working together to end the commercial sexual exploitation of children."This is what it looks like when institutions create a culture where a predator can flourish unafraid and unabated."And this is what it looks like when people in authority fail to listen, put friendships in front of the truth, fail to create or enforce proper policy and fail to hold enablers accountable."This is what it looks like.We advocate for federal and state legislation that prevents exploitation, protects children, and guarantees that any child who is subjected to sexual slavery or sex trafficking will not be prosecuted in the courts for prostitution.

—A Michigan sports doctor who treated elite female U. gymnasts was charged Wednesday with sexually assaulting nine girls, including some too reluctant to speak up about the alleged abuse years ago because he was considered a "god." Roughly two dozen charges were filed against Dr."Larry meticulously groomed me for the purpose of exploiting me for his own sexual gain. He engaged in degrading and humiliating sex acts without my consent or permission. Larry sought out and took pleasure in little girls and women being sexually injured and violated because he liked it."What was done to myself and these other women and little girls and the fact that our sexual violation was enjoyed by Larry matters.